Terms and Conditions

The EDGE programme will be governed in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

The Promoters are PSA Finance UK Ltd and Autobank Financial Services, 61 London Rd, Redhill, RH1 1QA (the “Promoters”).

  1. The EDGE programme will run from 1st January 2020 (the “Start Date”) to 31st December 2020 (inclusive) (the “Closing Date”).
  2. Eligibility to participate
    1. Only employees in an eligible job role may participate, as outlined in the programme rules (the “Participant (s)”).
    2. Participants must register and agree to the terms and conditions of the programme before they are eligible to earn and receive rewards.
    3. Participants must agree to any changes made to the programme terms and conditions when prompted, to continue to earn during the programme period.
    4. To qualify for rewards, Participants must have an activated, online EDGE account and be employed as an eligible job role at the time the reward is made.
    5. To qualify for rewards, Dealerships must not be under notice of termination at the time the reward is made.
  3. New Starters
    1. All Employees who join a Dealer, on or after the Start date, will be eligible to join the EDGE programme (the “New Starters”).
    2. New Starters will earn rewards for deals secured on or after the date they are registered onto the EDGE programme, not the programme Start Date.
    3. No rewards will be retrospectively paid for deals secured before the EDGE programme registration date.
  4. Excluded Deals
    1. The following deals are excluded from the EDGE programme:
      • All MNNC deals
      • Contract Hire deals less than minimum term length
      • Rate Reduced deals
      • Ex demo/ demo deals
      • NICEIC deals
      • Courtesy Car and Bodyshop repair cars
      • Partnership programme deals (LTA & PGA)
      • GAP/VRI deals
      • Web Offers/ Specials
      • Dealer Staff Agreements
      • Driver's School Agreements
      • Service Plan/ Servicing contracts
      • Employee Discount Agreements
    2. All finance deals must be entered onto Encore against a Sales Executive’s D/U number before it can be sent across to EDGE HQ in the data feed.
    3. The paid date from a qualifying finance deal will determine when the funds become available.
  5. Income Tax and National Insurance
    1. The rewards are liable to Income Tax and National Insurance.
    2. The promoters will pay the basic rate Income Tax and National Insurance on behalf of all Participants who earn rewards from the EDGE programme.
    3. For basic rate tax payers this means that there is no further tax liability.
    4. For higher rate tax payers, Participants are liable for the balance of Tax & NI. PSA Finance UK Ltd and Autobank Financial Services will, upon request, provide details of the gross benefit in kind (BIK). Please make this request through your Finance Manager.
    5. PSA Finance UK Ltd and Autobank Financial Services are obliged to pass the names of all Participants and the tax paid on their behalf (calculated at the basic rate) to HMRC in the annual tax return.
  6. Programme Details
    1. The programme will run from 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2020.
    2. Sales Executives are responsible for logging all deals against their own D/U number in Encore in order for the deals to correctly assign in the EDGE programme.
    3. It is the responsibility of each Participant to check that all of their deals are showing on the EDGE programme website, within My Reporting.
    4. If a deal has not been assigned to a D/U number, it will be shown as ‘Unallocated’ and can be claimed by the Participant that secured the deal within Unallocated Deals on the EDGE programme website.
    5. It is the responsibility of the Sales Manager to approve all claimed deals and ensure accuracy.
    6. Any Unallocated deals that are not claimed will be lost at the time of expiration.
    7. Unallocated deals will be lost if not claimed and approved within 60 days between the paid date and current date. 
    8. Once a deal has been approved and funds have been credited, this cannot be reversed.
    9. Funds will be paid every 14 days, as communicated via the EDGE programme website.
    10. No deals can be updated to another Participant once the funds have been credited.
    11. Financial credit on the EDGE Prepaid Mastercard® Card account is not transferable between Participants.
  7. PSA Finance UK Ltd and Autobank Financial Services reserve the right to vary these conditions, withdraw participation and amend or cancel the programme at any time without notice. All decisions are final.
  8. All Participants are obliged to be aware of and cease all practices which may lead to penal liability due to fraud or embezzlement, insolvency crimes, crimes in violation of competition, guaranteeing advantages, bribery, acceptance of bribes or any other corruption crimes. In the event of violation of the above, PSA Finance UK Ltd and Autobank Financial Services have the right to immediately withdraw the Participant(s) from the EDGE programme.